Saturday, August 13, 2011

El Primero Dia

After 21 hours of traveling, I have arrived safely in Arequipa, Peru at six in the morning. I was greeted by my very excited family and a couple Rotary members with a giant sign and gifts. My parents drove me through the city to their beautiful home. It's interesting to see the mix of very modern designs with the more traditional colors and accents. We ate breakfast and then they graciously let me sleep.
 Around one, I was picked up by Rotarians to take me to my first club meeting. On the drive there, I began to realize how much I have missed the rude driving where everyone is 5 inches from the next car and if your hand is farther than 5 inches from your car horn, well then, you're not a Latin American driver, the vibrant walls and unique doors and the way each building looks nothing like the last.
The food in Peru is exquisite and the Rotary lunch was no exception. We had the meeting and then went outside where the sun was shining to eat and talk. I must say, I obviously struggle with my Spanish, but I am proud of the amount that I say which is actually understood.
Left: The girl going to the US
Right: Another American student
After making it home, I watched a couple movies with my parents, sang happy birthday with them to my mom via Skype, finished unpacking, ate the late night snack and settled down to do some catching up.

Of course, I'm tired and can't sleep, but I am certain that will catch up with me. It's been quite the day.


  1. Hi Miriam, I hope that you don't mind that I will be following your blog while you are in Peru. I am not sure if you remember me...I visited your home once with your Aunt Kathy. My husband and I use to host exchange students here in Oklahoma. I know you will have a fantastic year. Take care.

  2. So happy you are blogging this year. We will be following you closely. You sound happy and look happy. Have a great year.

  3. Who knew Houston & Latin American drivers had so much in common?

    Please post pics of those buildings when you have time; I love checking out the rural & urban architecture of other places/cultures!

    Denise (& Luke the WonderDog)